Engage in Personal Development in Health, Social Care of Children’s and Young People’s Settings.

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I am a Teaching Assistant in a Special Needs School (Lower school) where I work with pupils who have been diagnosed with Autism and have a Statement of Needs. The pupils here all have communication, social and/or challenging behaviours. I also have the role of overseeing ICT within all of the classes and school assemblies. My duties and responsibilities are quite vast within my job. My role is to work under the guidance of the class teacher and senior management providing support to teachers and pupils alike. The main aim of this role is to work together to give every pupil the guidance and support they need to reach their full potential and to become more independent learners. The school motto ‘Believe it! Achieve it!’ chosen by pupils and staff sums it all up. Within my role as a Teaching Assistant in the classroom, I support the class teacher by working with the pupils on a 1:1 basis and sometimes within a small group following the school based curriculum, pupil’s targets and Individual Education Plans. As leading TA within the class I provide support by leading the pupils and staff throughout the planned lesson when the class teacher needs to be freed up for meetings, reviews or any other matters that occur. I help with the setting up/tidying up for lessons e.g. art materials, books/pens/glue/paper, P.E equipment etc. putting up displays using pupil’s work, laminating, photocopying and making resources to suit pupil’s individual needs. I also provide support with off campus visits such as: swimming, shopping or on educational visits as part of their topic work. Working with a pupil 1:1 on their individual work stations allows myself, the teacher and other team members to support, encourage, praise, monitor, evaluate and record how the lesson went. At the end of each lesson we have a plenary session which allows the pupils and staff to evaluate the

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