School Connectedness Essay

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Six strategies that teachers, administrators, other school staff, and parents can implement to increase the extent to which students feel connected to school: 1. Create decision-making processes that facilitate student, family, and community engagement, academic achievement, and staff empowerment. 2. Provide education and opportunities to enable families to be actively involved in their children’s academic and school life. 3. Provide students with the academic, emotional, and social skills necessary to be actively engaged in school. 4. Use effective classroom management and teaching methods to foster a positive learning environment. 5. Provide professional development and support for teachers and other school staff to enable them to meet the diverse cognitive, emotional, and social needs of children and adolescents. 6. Create trusting and caring relationships that promote open communication among administrators, teachers, staff, students, families, and communities. Engage parents in meaningful ways in school activities, such as school health teams, tutoring, mentoring, or assisting with grant writing. Identify special opportunities for parents with limited resources or scheduling difficulties to participate in or contribute to classroom or extracurricular activities. Seek opportunities for parents and students to share their culture with others in school. Communicate regularly with families about school and classroom activities and policies by e-mail, letters, or updates on the school’s Web site. Translate materials into languages spoken in students’ homes. Establish regular meetings with parents to discuss their children’s behavior, grades, and accomplishments. Request interpreters as needed to ensure clear communication and to avoid misunderstandings arising from language barriers. Implement training workshops that
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