2.5 Schools as Organisations

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3.Understand how schools up hold their aims and values. 3.1 A) Define the meaning of aims-Aims are general statements concerning the overall goals, long term vision, expectations and achievements. Aims are mainly used in an educational context for curriculum lesson and activity planning. B) Define the meaning of values- A value is something you can strive to achieve to make a school/society a better place to grow in. In short values in a school are directions the head, the teachers, school governors and the majority of the parents wish to see their children achieve and strive towards. 3.2 Describe and give examples of how a school may demonstrate and uphold their aims. A school can demonstrate and uphold their aims by: * After school activities-Netball, tag rugby, chair, cheer-leading and music lessons. * Encourage visitors from the community- police, ambulance and fire. * Encourage support from parents- hearing children read. * Balance school lunch- Meet and veggie food. *Space-playground and field *Day visits-to meet the national curriculum. 3.3Describe and give examples of how a school may demonstrate and uphold their values. Things a school will do to demonstrate and uphold their values could be: *Residential choir visits-The school choir to visit and sing. *Open evening-to talk about hoe children are getting on. *Fun days-To raise money for school. *Harvest-To give back to the community. *Sharing assembly-For the children to shoe what their have been learning. *Open door morning-So parents can let teacher know any thing about the child e.g. may have had a full the day before. 4. Know the laws and codes of practice that affect work in schools. 4.1 Identify the laws and codes of practice affecting work in schools: The main statutes are: The Convention on the rights of the Child (1989) The Education Act (1981), (1993) and
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