Understand How Schools Uphold Their Aims And Values

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Outcome 3 Understand how schools uphold their aims and values 3,1 Define the meaning of a)aims Aims are what the school hope to achieve throughout the year. These are set out by the governing body who will use the national curriculum to see if children will achieve a key stage for that year or they are on course to do so at the key stage. At my placement school in assembly each monday they read out all the attendance figures and say whether they have reached the target level set out by the government of 95%. Also part of the assembly is to promote ways of which children should interact with each other which is another key aim of this school. All teachers have a high expectation of the pupil to get the higher standards. As with all schools they have different aims and here are some of the key ones. To have a caring atmosphere To be able to participate High standards in the school environment To find ways to engage a child in learning…show more content…
Schools these days have many resources available to them. Most parents or guardians when looking for a school that they would like to send a child to would visit a schools website and read all the policies, and activities a child can get involved with. They would also see how their child would be educated at the school. Once a child is enrolled at the school the parent or guardian will keep a close eye on the website for updates. Most schools will send out monthly newsletters so that anything on the website is handed out or put on a notice board outside the school. Through fund raising, school fairs and events held at the school the child gets to show parents or guardians that the aims and values of the school are being carried out. Some schools have a school council made up of the children from classes 1 to 6, who decide on issues that are important to them and also what they would like to see happening at the
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