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Should Schools in Texas go Year-Round? Should Schools in Texas go Year-Round? by by Farah Dunks Curriculum Design Concordia University Farah Dunks Curriculum Design Concordia University Overview of year-round schools The conversation of year round school is not a new one in the United States. However, this topic has become more popular and discuss more often in the last few years. There are several benefits of having school on a year round schedule, but there are also negatives in this schedule as well. This paper is going to discuss both pros and cons of having year round school. This history of school breaks stretches back to the time in history when people planted and harvested crops and some households could afford to…show more content…
Cons Cons of Year Round School There are some very strong reasons for not implementing a year round school schedule. These include, but are not limited, to: * Families with different children on different tracks have a difficult time. * With families that have multiple children in school, they will sometimes find it difficult to make plans for before or after school or to schedule family vacations. * School clubs like band, sports, theatre and cheerleading, have difficult time practicing with frequent breaks. * Teachers that coach these activities find that just because they are on vacation doesn’t mean the activity stops. This could lead to more teachers being burned out. * Schools have to be equipped for year round weather to accommodate school schedule. * Since school buildings are being used more, there is little time to do much needed maintenance work. * Schools that were not made to be utilized year round might need updating or additional costs. * Community programs, such as youth camps and summer programs or summer jobs, will…show more content…
* Schools are more cost-effective per student by the efficient use of the facility, textbooks, and supplies. * Many students and teachers report that more frequent breaks allow them to return to school more refreshed and with greater energy and improved morale. * Some school districts report vandalism, discipline referrals and absenteeism for students, as well as teachers, has been reduced because of the year-round schedule. * How does a year round school work? * Students in a year-round school are divided into multiple tracks with each track having a different starting and ending date. * Students are assigned to a track to meet their specific needs and also to equalize classroom enrollment. * At any given time one track is out of school and the other tracks are in session. * The school is in operation 242 days a year with teachers and students present. * Families can request that if they have children in the system, that they be on the same scheduling. * What are some of the benefits of a year round school? * Children retain information

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