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Imagine a child, on a beautiful summer day…looking vicariously at other kids enjoying their summer vacation playing sport, camping, going on family trip, and swimming, while this child is sitting in class doing work on a hot sweaty day. Year round education is a program based on a year round calendar. It has been around for decades with 3,000 schools and 2 million students currently using the program. Year round school Students goes to school the same number of days as the traditional school calendar, which is 180 days. The summer is replaces with shorter and frequent break. Year round school has been a controversy for many decades. Many parents do not agree to year round school because they find it difficult finding child care. One side argues that year round school is absurd. The other side claims that year round school is essential for some, since student often forget a lot during the summer break. Nonetheless, Year round school is definitely not the answer, because it creates family conflict, it creates social problem, and it takes away job opportunities for students during the summer. Year round schooling has been reported to create family conflict due to the change in schedule. The reason why this has become a controversy for families, because children may not be on the same schedule as their sibling. One sibling might be enjoying his or her two month break while the other has to sit in class working. Being in school during the summer makes it difficult for them to learn knowing their siblings are on vacation. Moreover, family vacations are very difficult to schedule, and complicates their plans. Most families take vacations during the summer. Most parents take advantage of their son or daughter two month off to spend time with them, such as going on family vacation, doing summer activities, and everything else associated with summer activity.

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