All Year Round School.

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To start off, having year-round school has a lot of benefits, with South Sioux & Sioux City’s population growing it has started overcrowding has become an issue and more school has to grow, as building on, or close. Another reason schools should have year around school is because teachers are getting laid off, and that shouldn't happen if there good teachers, and we are just losing them, it'd help getting more kids and learning than a simple amount of teachers having to help a big class, than just a big class with one teacher, because kids do better with a little class with one on one help. Next, I think All-Year around school will be good, and will be good for the students, because I could see our test grades, not only test but Map grades will be better with All- year around school because there learning more. Grades will become better with the knowledge there going to have when we have the better knowledge for it. When having school with like that, students will have a better knowledge, the effects on the budget for the high school they’re not sitting empty for months during the summer break, when lights are on still, so we could put them into use. Teachers could get paid more money than they are, and get paid for the whole year and just not a quarter, than they don’t teach for 3-4 months, depending on the break, and gives kids to get the knowledge that they need, and the teachers the pay they need. Last but not least, Students who attend school year-round are able to retain more knowledge and move along at a steadier pace than students who follow the regular school year. Summer infects a lot of the learning loss on students enrolled in regular school programs. Research says taken over a hundred years, its shown that students taking the same standardized test both before and after summer break will have a lower grade than the other students. Students don't do
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