Being Successful High School Student

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Being a Successful High School Student To become a successful high school student there are four main aspects you must be able to achieve; the first one is to cope with barriers and challenges that interfere with lessons and homework. Technology including, cell phones, computers, and ipods are main barriers that distract students from doing schoolwork. Another challenge some students have is a lack of focus or a lack of teacher or administrative support. Some students have poor grade twelve role models or are under peer pressure, this causes learning barriers. People and things that help along your high school years are resources and allies. Resources and allies are found in organizations and extra-curricular activities in the form of friends, teachers and guidance counselors. Having good organization skills helps students keep track of their work and due dates. If the administration were to make more enthusiasm in the curriculum that would defeat most cases of students having trouble paying attention during class and falling behind on work. High school relationships can easily have a positive and negative effect on the success of students. Friends can help each other with school work or they can distract and slow each other down, it depends on the student’s personality. It would be very difficult to be a high school student if you had a negative attitude towards school, because you would not be dedicated enough to complete homework, or to hand assignments in on time. A lack of sleep and nutrition makes it difficult for students to function fully during class, to succeed you must be wide awake and ready for each class. Extra-curricular activities are a good way for students to get even more involved with school, and usually give students a positive reputation. Most students are given study periods at school and if they are used wisely it is a resource

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