Dewbury High School Research Paper

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It is 10:30 am at Dewbury High School. A quick walk through the halls gives you a peek into a variety of classrooms. In one, students are in groups, wearing lab coats and wielding large paintbrushes. They are painting a mural-sized picture, working together to get the proportions correct. In the next room, twenty students, each at a different instrument, are playing a calming harmony. In yet another room, students are studying culinary arts, creating a Thanksgiving feast for their class to share, each playing a role in the creation of this massive meal. Meanwhile, a walk through Senbury High School tells a different story. The rooms are silent, except for the occasional sound of a student saying “A” or “B”, and a teacher replying “yes,” or “no.” Students are mostly silent, looking bored and frustrated. They aren't interacting with each other, and are barely interacting with the teacher. In recent years, new education policies have focused on testing students to ensure that they have acquired critical math and reading skills. The cause is noble, but…show more content…
Students will be less focused in school, and less likely to continue their educations, if they dread going to school each day. Including art and music in he curriculum will motivate students, and will inspire them to enjoy school. It will also give them a creative outlet. Many young people have trouble expressing their emotions in words, but find that the can communicate their ideas through music and art. Giving students an opportunity to create every day will keep them engaged in learning, keep frustration at bay, and lead to happier, more fulfilled children. Also, art and music stress cooperation much more than math an reading do. Students can learn to work together, plan together, and create together in these classes, whereas in a math or reading class they may be competing, or simply not interacting at
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