Why School Should Start Later Essay

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Going to school later would result in having many amazing benefits. Many kids take the bus to school and complain about the traffic the highway and even on main streets. Kids have to get up really early to catch the bus and sit in traffic because other adults are trying to go to work. If school did start and end later, the bus would not hit morning rush hour traffic or afternoon rush hour traffic. With school starting later, the bus schedule can make a tremendous change. Also, with school getting out at two in the afternoon, parents have to still attend their jobs. Another problem is how kids always complain that they do not have enough time to eat breakfast in the morning. With school starting later in the morning, they would have a much need amount of time to grab something to eat before heading out the door. It is extremely important for you to have something in your stomach…show more content…
Students can experience a more beneficial learning environment by having a longer school day. High schoolers in particular should always be learning and wanting to approach more opportunities. Also, having a better learning experience means having no stress from being really tired. When you are stressed, it can make you distracted and unfocused on your studies. If kids miss a day it will result in missing out on learning new things and they would need to make work up. Some students even have the opportunity to go to the nurse for being ill and miss out on school work which is not efficient learning. In conclusion, school should start later because there are many benefits and students would feel more alert throughout the day. Many students have a hard time waking up in the morning and would support the idea. School should start later in the morning because students need their rest, there are various benefits, and it would be a better learning experience for

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