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Cameran Myler Pd. 7 9/29/13 Final Draft Many students, during their high school years, always want or wanted to have off campus lunch. Did you ever want off campus lunch when you were in high school? Students that attend my school complains about this all the time. All grade levels should be able to go off campus because the food the school provides is gross and unhealthy also, we go to school all day, we all should get the opportunity to eat wherever we want on the one break we actually get. Most foods that are served at high schools are not very good, or at least are not foods people ask to eat. Most foods are unhealthy and are not good for your nutrition. An example is the chips they sell. Also, they do not always have enough meals for everyone, sometimes they run out. If they do have enough then the line is usually to long that by the time you actually get food, there is no time left in lunch for you to eat. Every student goes to school five days a week and goes for eight hours each day. After, we finally get to go home but most nights have homework to do when we get home. We do not get many breaks from school or just doing schoolwork in general. If lunch is the one break that we all know for sure we get, then we should all get to eat where we want. In plus, we should get privileges especially if we drive to school. Overall, the rules are really strict especially about who goes off campus and who does not. There is nothing bad in just letting students do and go where they want during lunch for all high school students. Most kids have ways off campus anyway, or have ways to sneak around the rules. The administrators should change lunch to open lunch for every

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