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Chryssie Luu 1/28/14 Lukason School’s Need To Start Later Many students are performing poorly in school due to their lack of sleep,this complication could be resolved if schools started later to accommodate students. If school start times were changed, productivity in class and test scores would increase, students would also have better mental health. Growing adolescents should be getting 8 to 9 hours of sleep every night but barely 15% meets those standards. According to the National Sleep Foundation, sleep deprivation can cause problems with, concentration, listening, and learning. This information supports the fact that students have trouble waking up early and functioning properly at school. Lack of sleep also interferes with problem solving, teens cannot do math, or make right choices under these circumstances. For this reason, school’s should start later to yield the best working states of teenagers. Study by Dr. Kyla Wahlstrom shows that later start times not only benefits academics but also mental health. There was less, tardiness, depression, and teeneagers even began making better desicions. In other words, teens were less aggressive and didn’t partake in inappropriate behavior like drinking alcohol or smoking. Adding on, students also felt more motivated to participate in school activities and work harder on their studies. On the other hand, school officials and parents are skeptical about changing school times when they believe that they should just sleep earlier. Granted that is true, most teens have trouble falling asleep until 11pm due to the change in their bodies. School’s are also concerned with the trouble of changing schedules, they would have to rework bus schedules, and ending school later. However, school could still only be pushed back half an hour and make a significant difference. According to research by

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