Starting Schools Later: Persuasive Essay

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“Sleep is the Golden chain that ties health and our bodies together.” (Sleep: In). Sleep deprivation-- miserable, bleak, agonizing-- has robbed a majority of teens in the United States from sleep. Sleep deprivation is the disease or condition of not getting enough sleep. A majority of people including teachers and members of the school board do not understand the importance of sleep in a teen’s life and the consequences that are results of being sleep deprived. A main cause of sleep deprivation is the start times of middle schools and high schools. Most schools start so early in the morning making it nearly impossible for teens to get the recommended amount of sleep and still wake up in time for school. As a result, sleep deprivation creates challenges that affect the daily lives of students. Starting schools later in the morning is a crucial factor in improving the performance of students inside and outside of the classroom. To begin with, sleep is extremely influential to a person’s daily routine and health. What most people do not understand is that sleep deprivation is the source of multiple health problems. A study performed by Dr. Judy Owens reveals, teens demand more sleep than adults and children, but few are capturing the amount they need. It is essential for adolescents to receive nine and a quarter hours of sleep a night to be able to function to the best of their abilities; however, teens biological clocks make it problematic for them to fall asleep at an ideal time and obtain the preferred amount of sleep while waking up in time for school. The lack of sleep that takes place during the week contributes to excessive sleep during the weekend which is the source of many health complications (New). This Study demonstrates that students would have to fall asleep at nine p.m. or earlier every night if schools keep their start times. In addition to

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