Pushing Back School Times

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AK MALIK 26, March 2014 Pushing Back School Times Every teen has waken up in the morning wanting to go straight back to sleep. As children develop into their teenage years their sleep cycle is disrupted. Studies have shown that teenagers are awake later than children and adults because of how a teens body releases melatonin, a hormone that concerns the humans body's sleep cycle. Changing schools beginning times may have some benefits, but the department has to consider all drawbacks. The board of education should push back school times an hour because students will improve academically and they will improve their physical health. One reason the board of education should push back school times is because it will improve academic achievements. It is evident that less sleep has a serious affect on teens. According to “Pros and Cons of Later School Start Times” Leigh Ann Morgan states that the American Academy of Sleep Medicine says that not enough sleep disrupts academics by “Reducing concentration creating attention deficits, slowing reaction times, increasing distractibility, impairing decision making skills and causing forgetfulness.” Sleep is the food for the brain, when the brain is not fed well, the brain will not function well. Pushing back school times will increase the sleep a teen has, giving them more concentration at school. Schools should also push back school times because teens do not get enough sleep. In the article “Adolescents and Sleep” Sarah Spinks explains how the biological clock affects teens and pre teens. The biological clock is a clock that disrupts students sleep cycles. The biological clock disrupts teens by making them feel energized at night when students should be feeling tired. This will affect teens academics because the more sleep teens get the more concentrated they are. It is evident that if the board of education pushed back
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