The Art of the Sleep Cycle

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The Art of the Sleep Cycle Sleeping, everybody does it, yet we can never get enough. There are many things that can happen while sleeping. Nightmares can occur, constantly wake up and not be able to fall back asleep due to sleep insomnia, it’s possible to sleep walk and perform vigorous activities that are uncontrollable. Dreams are unsolved mysteries caused by the chemical in your brain called Dimethyltryptamine. Even though it may not be believable, dreams occur every time sleeping happens. The REM (Rapid Eye Movement) cycle happens every one and a half hour or so. Remembrances of dreams are not very common, but somewhere in between 4-7 times every 8 hour sleep session dreams take place. Awake dreams are also very possible, these are called day dreams. Daydreaming happens more often than some. If daydreams are recognized and interpretation of a dreams happen just the slightest bit, it is possible to take advantage of the dream world and control it. Imagine feeling a constant drag every single day believe it or not people do feel like that every day because of a sleep disorder called insomnia. In an online article Andrew Weil, M.D explained “Insomnia is a relatively common sleep disorder, affecting about one third of the adult population worldwide.” (2011) In addition to not being able to sleep at night, insomnia will also cause drowsy effects and frequent falling asleep during the day. This will have a drastic affect if working is the activity or something that requires full attention. Even though it is likely for both genders to be diagnosed with insomnia it is most common for women. A sleepless night will also cause women to age faster. Weil, M.D also stated that “During sleep the body produces mane important hormones and neurotransmitters, such as human growth hormone and serotonin.” (2011) Serotonin is a hormone that affects your moods, learning ability and

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