PSY 1101: Module D Test

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Running head: Module D Test Module D Test Jason Robertson PSYCHOLOGY 1101 – Module D Test Dr. Ewing 2/10/13 Module D Test Sleepwalking is probably the most common sleep disorders. Sleepwalking is most commonly seen in children, although it can be seen in adults and the elderly. Boys are more likely to be sleepwalkers than girls are, and the disorder usually runs its course before the teen years. The rates of the occurrences can vary from person to person, some may only sleep walk once a month, while others may sleep walk nightly. I have never experienced sleep walking or know anyone who has so it’s hard for me to understand it. The actions during a sleepwalking event can vary as well. Some people may only sit up in bed, or…show more content…
Despite their appearance, sleep terrors are not nightmares. Nightmares are vivid dreams that occur during REM sleep, and most people can recall most or all of their nightmares. ( On the other hand, sleep terrors occur during the deepest stages of sleep when dreaming does not occur. Commonly one who has a sleep terror cannot recall what was so frightening to them. It is typical during a sleep terror for a person to scream, sweat, have a rapid pulse and sit up in bed. The person having a sleep terror may appear to be awake, but are unable to communicate. Most people will not respond to soothing words or comfort, they may try to run away. This event will last 20 minutes or less, then the person will lie down and go back to…show more content…
People have little difficulty recalling their nightmares as they are usually filled with feelings of fear. It is not uncommon to have a problem returning to sleep after a nightmare, especially for children. Nightmares occur more often in children than in adults, and it is a normal development process for children to go through. ( These frightening dreams can start as early as eighteen months of age. Children will benefit from comfort and reassurance after a nightmare. I personally feel like I have a cross between night terrors and nightmares because my wife has to wake me regularly because I will be screaming in my sleep like someone having a night terror, but I will remember everything like someone having a

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