Psy/240 Week 6 Individual

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Individual Sleep Deprivation, Disorders, and Drugs | Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper in APA format on the following questions: Describe a situation in which a person does not get enough sleep. How would it affect mood, behavior, and cognitive and motor skills? What are the effects of long-term sleep reduction? Describe common sleeping disorders and possible drug remedies. Please no copy/paste or direct wording from our textbook or outside resources. • Please remember to post the Certificate of Originality to the Assignment Link. • Format your paper according to APA guidelines. • Use a minimum of 2 outside sources, including at least 1 peer reviewed journal article. | Sleep is one of the important dimensions toward health and wellness and not getting enough of it can have negative consequences. Sleep deprivation happens for many reasons; intentional and unintentional reasons. Often it is a sleeping disorder that causes the deprivation. Things like work, hobbies, television, or parties are activities people generally tend to put extra time towards, which could result in sleep deprivation. They are events we intentionally put forth time and effort even when it is cutting into our sleep time, though at times they are unintentionally overlapping into our sleeping. An example of a person who reduces their sleep is a security guard working the night shift. Many individuals in that line of work regularly have to work either late hours, or, work through the night when we are accustomed to be sleeping. Same goes with law enforcement officers, or hospital nurses, or basically any kind of shift work. Sleeping habits for people in these fields of work are commonly irregular and inconsistent, which have an impact on their health. Adverse effects on their health range from physical, to emotional, to mental, and to social. Additionally, when one of these areas of

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