Why Sleep Matters

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Running Head: How sleep affects our lives Jaime Gonzalez El Paso Community College 03/04/2015 Jaime Gonzalez Professor: Kathleen A. Bombach English 1302 03/04/2015 Abstract This research let readers know about the importance of getting proper amount of sleep, it’s important to know how sleep works on a person body, so we are conscious about how sleeps works on each stage of non-REM sleep and REM stage. Sleep has a lot of benefits such as energy recovery, muscle growth, and brain cells restoration. Not having enough quality and quantity sleep hours can affect a person daily life by not letting the person concentrate on what he have to do, also can affect their endocrine system by stressing out to much and having mood problems that might cause consequences such as losing their jobs because of low morals, attitude or just the way they treat costumers. The Importance of Getting Proper Sleep In our society people do not realize how important is getting a proper amount of sleep, our society is willing to sacrifice sleep hours in order to go to a party, work extra hours or even study for a test. What people do not know about this, is how sleep loss can affect their daily activities. The following research will show the audience the stages of sleep, the importance of getting proper amount of sleep ours, how sleep play an important role in learning and memory, how sleep is connected to our endocrine system affecting our mood, how getting or not getting proper sleep impact our cardiovascular health, the great benefits of having proper sleep but also the consequences that our body can suffer if we do not take the amount necessary of sleep and how this consequences may affect our lives. Many people consider sleep as a time of tranquility when they set aside the tensions of the day and spend the night in uneventful slumber, but they do not know what is really happening
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