Later School Start Times

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When you were a teenager, how often did you find yourself sleepy during school? How often did you fall asleep during class? Research probes that if schools had later start times kids would be more alert during the day, grades would improve, behavior would improve, and there will be less tardiness. Lets face it, most teenagers usually go to bed late, meaning they wake up late for school, and then result in tardiness. Constantly being for the same class, students begin to fail, and who wouldn't be upset from that? Students then begin to act horrible in class. All of this could of been prevented if school start times were late. "Research shows that tropical adolescents natural time to fall asleep may be 11 pm or later; because of this change in their internal clocks, teens may feel wide awake at bedtime, even when they are exhausted. Adolescents require at least as much as they did as children generally 8 and a half each night" A person that's exhausted, can be very dangerous when out in a serious situation such as driving. "Drowsiness can even be deadly if sleepy teens choose to drive, according to the national highway traffic safety administration, over 100,000 sleepy drivers cause traffic accidents each year" . After school, most kids just want to go out and have fun, and sometimes what they consider fun is bad. "Later school times will mean kids will leave school later, thus keeping many youngsters off the streets before their parents get home. Juvenile crime is highest between 3 pm and 7 pm because kids are out of school" later school times ill prevent juvenile crime. So in conclusion, not only will later school start times improve grades, attendance, and behavior, but also society. It will ease the stress of teachers and parents, but also kids. It will also reduce the level of juvenile
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