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Explanatory Syntheses Two of the most horrific disasters that our world has known, the Exxon Valdez disaster which resulted in an over $2 billion clean-up effort as well as the explosion of the space shuttle Challenger in which astronaut lives were lost, have been directly attributed to sleep deprivation. “If we can learn to understand sleep indebtedness and manage it, we can improve everyday life as well as avoid many injuries, horribly diminished lives, and premature deaths”, according to Dr. William C. Dement. Pg. 537 Sleep deprivation is not having enough sleep to function to one’s full potential. As Dr. Dement states in his article Sleep Debt and the Mortgage Mind, “I now think of the continuum of sleepiness and alertness as the state upon which all human behavior is acted out”. pg 539 The amount of sleep we get or don’t get affects our physical and psychological states. Dr. Dement compares it to eating. If you go to long without eating, eventually all that you will think of is getting food to satisfy your hunger. Once that need is fulfilled you can go back to a more productive state of mind. The same is with sleeping, your body also has a sleep requirement and will let you know when that…show more content…
And, in an article by the National Sleep Foundation, their statistics show that the average 12th grader has about four different electronics in their room, which makes causes distraction and delays falling asleep. pg 523 According to a recent poll, sleep experts recommend 9 or more hours for adolescents but only 20% of children (ages 11-17) the recommended amount and most parents are unaware of their child’s sleep deprivation. And, just as sleep deprivation affects an adults capacity to function properly and make sound decisions, lack of sleep causes adolescents to fall asleep in class, arrive late to school, and feel down and
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