Is Texting Good or Bad

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Is Texting Good or Bad With the convenience of texting, people rapidly began to use it. Something that rapidly grows it will bring some controversies with it. The most argued topic right now among people is that texting is going to destroy our language. Whenever people get together and talk about texting, this argument will automatically come up like it is a fact about texting. They support their argument by saying texters use too many abbreviations in their messages. They feel that using abbreviations will make people break the rule of linguistics. Breaking this rule means that people will have a lot of grammatical errors. People even say that texting will make people illiterate. Others say that texting too much will make people stop using email as a way to communicate with other people directly. This will make people anti-social and they will rely less on their instincts of reading people’s emotions through their face or voice. In the internet, some organization does a survey about how many people prefer texting over calling their friends or family. A recent Nielsen report shows that children aged 13 to 17 average an astonishing 3,417 text messages a month -- some 45 percent of all text messages. This breaks down to seven texts “every waking hour,” or roughly one every 8 1/2 minutes. This report shows that most of the time teenagers prefer texting with their friends and family. This makes people think that those teenagers are anti social and this is not a really good thing. People also believe that being anti-social will make teenagers lose their instinct of showing their emotions to other people. In the past, the media has shown an essay of a teenager. The issue will not be a problem if the essay did not contain many abbreviations (similar to the abbreviations that people text each other) and if it was not full of grammatical errors with wrong punctuations. This
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