Exemplification Essay: Charter Of Rights And Freedom

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CENSORSHIP Eunice Siu 9-5 As the Charter of Rights and Freedom states each person has his or her own right to express their own thought, belief, opinion, and expression. Especially, on the Internet, a place where most people are anonymous. A problem that can cause the content to corrupt our minds even more than it already has, the harm can effect generations that follow. Cyber-bullies who post the messages that are on the Internet can cause hurt feelings. Thus, the Internet Service Provider(s) [ISP(s)] should make it mandatory for whatever is being posted to have filters, blocks on the content (censoring)- a better filter than we have right now because the main filtering is mainly for pictures (Example: porn). . Our minds are…show more content…
At the moment, with this amount of bullying, what would happen to our next generations? Would the amount of bullying decrease? Think about it, if there is no better filtration of the content, the amount of bullying would just increase day after day. Also, if people can bully that easily, people would want to send something even more intense-like committing a crime such as murder. With the extra filtration, it can decrease the amount of information that is improper to be posted on the Internet. As well as decrease the amount of sins committed. How would you feel if you were the person being bullied? The feeling of being bullied would not be a good one. The victim who was being bullied would face emotional whether it is lowering their self-esteem to depression etc. David Knight, who faced many months of abuse over the Internet, resulting in him being home schooled. Compared to when a kid gets bullied in reality, for example after school, the comments are not as hurtful as on the Internet. Mostly, because when comments are made on the Internet, the commenter is anonymous. On the other hand, if the kid gets picked
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