School Should Start Later

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SCHOOL TO START LATE One of the problems with schools is it just starts to early, 8:45am is the wrong time to start. Our brains as teenagers don’t work as well in the morning as they do later on, it’s almost like the first two sessions of the day are a waste of time, ours brains don’t soak it all in. I think school needs to start later on in the day. People need to realise young people deserve to learn at there best. Studies have shown that young people brains work better in the afternoon even in the night. With school starting at 8:45am we don’t get enough sleep, with all the homework we have to do at night and all the outside activities we don’t get a chance to go to bed early and be ready to wake up early in the morning. If school started at around 10:00am which would give young people a bit of a sleep in and by the time we were at school we would all be woken up and ready to learn. The first two sessions of the day is the time we take to wake up, I know from experience that sometimes I just feel like I can’t remember a lot of what I learnt, it’s like it goes in one ear and out the other. By recess I’m fully awake and finally ready to learn. Its known that between 12:00 and 4:00 in the afternoon is best time to learn, the brain works the best. because of the times it means if school finished just after this time when our brains work well we would have 4 hours of good learning and actually remember what happened in school. I hope that one day someone realises that this is a really good idea, for the best results in school this is what needs to happen, young people are the next generation and if they don’t learn everything they need to just because they are tired it’s not fair on them. It deserves a shot, Wouldn’t u want the best for your kids? You don’t want then missing

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