Embedded Assessment Unit 2

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Embedded Assessment Unit 2 Kyle Sullivan Period 4 L.A. 3/24/15 Are your kids coming home with a bunch load of homework? Yes, well I agree with you I’m in 7th grade and come home with a bunch of homework and it needs to stop. Kids should have less homework because we have seven hours of school, which means less family time, fun time and causes a lot of stress. We should have less homework because we have seven-hours of school five days a week but we have two months of break which is summer. On an online debate website, a student speaks out about thru experiences with homework communicating.” We kids nowadays have a lot of stuff to do. By the time we get home the day is almost over and we dinner and sports (Debate.org).” We have seven hours of school and when u get home with homework (tons) and you have dinner and sports so if we had less homework we would be able to eat dinner or eat late and no sports. On Scholastic news have parents interviewed about how less homework we should have.” What’s bad for” parents, is generally worse for kids.” School (for my son) is work,” one mother writes,” and by the end of a seven-hour workday, he’s exhausted. But like a worker on a double shift, he has to keep going once he gets home. (NEA Today).” Seven hours is a lot of the day working all day and we never stop five days a week and we have homework which is bad for us, it makes us tired.” Decades ago, the American Educational Research Association released this statement: “Whenever homework crowds out social experience, outdoor recreation, and creative activities, and whenever it usurps time that should be devoted to sleep (Scholastic news).” Kids need to play outside and have a social life they need to enjoy their free time but there is no free time because of all the homework. Kids through 6-12th and college need less homework because we already have seven hours of
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