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Kyesha Armour June 7, 2013 Auto-biography ALL ABOUT ME My name is Kyesha Armour, I am eighteen years old. I was born on March 27, 1995 in Jackson, Mississippi at the University to Kai Armour- Austin and LaShaun Simmons. I have two older brothers named LaShawn who is twenty two years old and Quardarius who is twenty years old, they are both in college and they are both very over protective of me since I am the younger and their only sister and I hate every last bit of it. I attended Prep Company for Pre-K and Kindergarten, first through second grade I attended Spann elementary school, third through half of…show more content…
My ninth grade was pretty cool until the last week of school I let my mouth get the best of me and said some things that I really should’ve not said and because I did I earned the next semester at the alternative school. When school started back I was very sad because I had to go to the “bad” school with all the “bad” kids and I was very nervous. Once I got there it was pretty cool and I really enjoyed it because the classes were smaller and you got more one on one help. My grades went up and my mom decided that I should spend the rest of the year there, which really messed me up because they did not offer any elective classes only the basics . My eleventh grade year was also a disaster because of the struggle of passing my biology state test and I was really distracted and just wanted to go back to the alternative school but my mom and the principle would not send me back. My senior year I transferred to Christ Missionary and Industrial high school (college) the year flew by but I really enjoyed myself there. Now I am still here at CM&I , I supposed to be a summer graduate if everything goes as planned. Once I finish high school I plan on signing up for the air

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