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Managing Failure in your Life In “Proficiency” essay by Shannon Nichols, the narrator explains how a failure in a test changed her motivation and enthusiasm about writing. She was always a great student, very smart, and confident about her ability to write and read, until she took this proficiency test, which is a test to decide whether or not students may receive a high school diploma. She could not believe it the first time; in fact, she knew writing was one of her strengths, so failing that part of the test was something highly unexpected. But, even harder to believe was the second time she did not pass the test. After that, she felt like a big failure; moreover, she quitted trying so hard and stopped taking English seriously, but her biggest worry was that she never knew why she didn’t pass that test. The story of Shannon Nichols deeply amazed me and I really enjoyed it and loved it because of the simple and unique reason that I also experienced the same kind of feelings when I took a similar test six years ago and I was trying to get in one the best universities in my country, so I know how Shannon felt after failing the test that was very important for her. I need to mention that in Peru is a little bit different from America; students graduate from high school and after they prepare themselves, they have to take a test that decides whether or not one is ready for the university. The test is called “Admission Exam”, and every single student needs to pass it before getting cleared to attend classes at the university. It took me twice to pass that test and just like Shannon, I got completely disappointed after failing the first time because I was always a good student and I knew I had prepared myself well enough to pass the test in the first time, but that was not the case and I did not pass the test until my second attempt. So I truly identified myself with

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