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Army Values Essay The Army bases their everyday life off of upholding 7 values, the Army values. These values are seven words that are used in everyday conversation. Many people know what these words mean but how many people do you know that actually live up to these values? The values are loyalty, duty, respect, selfless service, honor, integrity, and personal courage. These values are easy to say but hard to live by and maintain. This essay will exemplify one of the seven values and how it has affected my life. When I was in my senior year of high school, I was given the responsibility to train, teach, and lead a renowned drill team. I had more people cheering for me to fail than to succeed, and I understood why because on the outside looking in, the only thing anyone could see was a quiet and meek baby faced female that could not be a day out of middle school. Despite the doubts I stood up and took my responsibilities, and was given a team of thirty two junior reserved officer training corps (JROTC) cadets ranging from 9th to 12th grade that were coming from all different walks of life. Every single cadet differed from one another in several ways. They differed financially, intellectually, culturally and racially. I had to take these cadets and strategically split them in to two specialized teams, an armed team and an unarmed team. The armed team consisted of the older and highly skilled members while the unarmed team contained all brand new members who only knew the basics they learned in class. Although I was in control of the whole team, I took the individual duty of teaching the unarmed team everything they needed to know while I granted one of my staff members the responsibility of the armed team, which I oversaw frequently. I worked countless hours a day to make sure that they were properly instructed on the fundamentals of drill and

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