What Is a Hero?

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What Is A Hero? What is a true hero? According to Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, a hero is, “a man distinguished by exceptional courage and nobility and strength” (1913). Most people do not understand the true meaning of a Hero. A hero does not actually have to be a man. A hero can be anyone who distinguishes exceptional courage, nobility, and strength. Heroes that I draw most attention to are Military, Public Safety, and Teachers. Although the public does not always see these selected few as heroes, they are. Military and Public Safety protect our everyday lives, while Teachers are the ones that give us the knowledge we need for everyday life. Military personnel definitely are the most heroic figure in my eyes. While people are here in American living the good life, we have soldiers fighting for our freedom, putting their lives on the line. Having two years in the National Guard, I have not had a chance yet at deployment. However, at all times I stand ready to accept the fact that I could receive that phone call telling me to pack my bags, I am being deployed. Many people do not understand what soldiers go through both physically and mentally while on serving or how close they come to dying every single day to keep us safe here in America. Therefore, when I hear the word “Hero,” a soldier is the first person that comes to mind. Public Safety personnel are just ad heroic as soldiers, just in a different way. While soldiers protect us outside the United States, public safety personnel protect us inside the United States, in our hometowns. Firefighters put their lives on the line to save people from burning buildings, automobile accidents, and many other dangers that we face. When I say we, I mean us firefighters that go to work for twenty-four hours, every third day knowing that when we walk into the fire station, there is a possibility that we will
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