Fear Of Heights: Teachers And Students Are Wary Of Achievement By Bob Chase

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In the article “Fear of Heights: Teachers, Parents, and Students are Wary of Achievement.” Author Bob Chase, who is president of the National Education Association pointed that teachers and parents should more worried about the students who involved in many extracurricular activities after school. He called these students are the “C” students. We know in all of the school teachers like the “A” students because they concentrate in class, serious write notes and review, all of the test result are also very good. Instead, the “C” students very busy every day. Since they into the class, they don't stop talking, send messages and also have a lot of function in school clubs. The biggest difference between the “C” students to the “A” students is they…show more content…
Because they have their own business in school or after-school, they reject to stop their extracurricular instead to do more homework. So how to influence them to change their mind? In other word, how to let their performance same as the “A” students. Probably a lot of parents would say “No!”. Of course they can, the “C” students have same ability as the “A” students. They have good communication with others, highly responsible in the team work. But their responsibility in the school is study. Academy is really important to help student to get more knowledge and also expand their hobbies. For example, somebody want to visit the Antarctic but get lack of geography knowledge, this is not only one problem but also may bring out more problem like hard to exist when they are in the Antarctic. For some parents they know their children don't like study and don't want to waste time to stay at home do the homework and revision. So they already give up to punish them if they go out for their after-school activities if their children have good performance in some clubs like football clubs or soccer…show more content…
Schooling life is a important part to all of the teenagers. Since they start their school life, every day they meet their classmates and teachers more than their parents. The “A” students have good performance in all of the test, teachers love them. But they don't have friends in school nor clubs. Isn't it a big problem we have to worried about? In the long term, “A” students find a job, he used to finish a project by himself. Therefore, there are more stress in their job. “But our economy becomes increasingly, reliant on technology, scientific research, and a highly skilled work force. This attitude undermines our best interests.” After we graduate from university, a lot of people want to find a stable job and then fight for it. Year by year, they lost their passion to play football or join some clubs instead they have to earn money for their family and children. The “A”students put their all time to study, then get a great certificate from top university. But they don't know how to choose a suitable work and what kind of life they want. They didn't spend time to socialize to make friends nor extended interest, this is a big problem to their future life. “The American vision of teenager-dom include dating, malls, cars, jobs, and extracurricular activities.” I don't think teenagers spend time with their friends, get part-time job is wrong and this is really unfair to set new

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