Pet Peeve Speech: Iron Mountain High School

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Pet Peeve Speech In school the idea that we all learn differently and in our own ways is stressed to us from kindergarten right up to your senior year. I don't disagree with that at all, in fact I feel deeply that we all do in fact learn in ways unique to us. The teachers and staff here at Iron Mountain High School do a fantastic job of catering to the needs of individuals who have troubles grasping concepts or just can't seem to understand something the first time it's explained to them. Once again I'm fine with that, but not everyone needs that much help. Not everyone wants that much help! Teachers, quit making me take notes all the time! There are certain teachers that will grade you on your notes, calling it a participation grade. That has got to be the biggest load of crap I've ever heard! Many kids like myself are blessed with the capability to understand and remember things just by actively participating in the class discussion and listening to their teachers. In history most kids could just read the chapter and take the test right away! It just irks me to no end when…show more content…
If a student has good test grades and isn't just dozing of in class then maybe that teacher shouldn't require them to, or grade them on their notes. It's a very simple solution that wouldn't have any negative effects as long as it was handled properly. JUST STOP MAKING ME TAKE NOTES! I don't mean to seem rude or disrespectful to my teachers, but it really would mean a lot to me if those who do make me take notes would at least consider what I'm saying. And to help them do that I plan on giving them a copy of this speech along with my ongoing protest by accepting F's on participation grades due to my lack of note taking. It's not a huge deal, but for some reason mandatory note taking just gets under my skin in a really bad

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