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Patrick Prince The basketball is taken out of its package. Air is pumped into tit. The ball is ready to be used. Everyday the ball is dribbled on the court, shot at the basket, kicked and thrown when people become frustrated and then put back in its rack. The ball goes through this same routine for years. Nothing changes for the ball. The ball is worn down but it keeps going. It hopes for one day to just get a break. No one notices so the ball just keeps being used and abused. One day the ball goes flat. The ball is expressing that it is tired of being treated like an object. It just wants to feel that it is truly needed. The ball knows that without it, the basketball player can not practice. The basketball player has no reason to keep…show more content…
I am given everything I need to have a successful life like air was given to the ball. Clothes, food, a good education and extracurricular activities are things my parents gave me to become successful. Everyday I wake up, get dressed, go to school, learn, and then return home. This same process happens for majority of my life. I want to experience new things in life. Instead, each day I just feel tired and sick of the same routine. I never left my emotions show. My feelings stay hidden to give the impression that I am enjoying everything. Sometimes, I might try and express myself to my parents who represent the basketball player. One day, my feelings get the best of me and I broke down. I feel like I can not keep living my life doing the same things anymore. I tell my parents how I feel but they do not understand. I feel useless and lonely. My parents realize they have no reason to keep working hard if I am not going to go to college. My parents soon understood that they had not been treating me like on of their children. They just wanted me to go further than they did and did not know how to express that to me. My parents try and buy me things and carenow to make up for all these lost years but my heart has turned cold. I feel heartless. The long time treatment of my parents has created a distance that can never be

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