A Significant Event

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A significant event in my life would have to be my parents splitting up when I was 2 years old. You may think if you were 2 why is it significant in your life, you were so young. Well its significant because it has affected my life in so many different ways. As I got older, my mind was not thinking or processing things like a child should, I had thoughts that a young person should never think of. I would blame myself for them splitting up and for everything bad that happened. Honestly my relationship with my father is different, actually my relationship with anybody close to me is different. When my parents split my sister was 4 and I was 2, you would think that since we were so young we wouldn’t get involved in the divorce or it wouldn’t affect us. Well it affected me more than you can think of. I would think to myself, if I wasn’t born then maybe this would never have happened. So in this case, if I wasn’t here then maybe, just maybe, all the drama would go away, and everything would be back to normal. I would physically harm my body and I even would think of any way to kill myself. I went as far as to physically attempt to kill myself a few times. This was a very dark time in my life and a young child should never have to go through this. I used to blame myself for my parents getting a divorce. As I got older and could understand that a family should be a mom, a dad, and children, I realized something was wrong with my family. My dad was not in the picture and my mom and him were constantly fighting. For some reason I thought since I was the last one born it was my fault. I thought that before me they were fine and nothing was wrong. I constantly thought that everything bad that happened was because of me. It seemed like I did something right before the problem happened. So I blamed myself all the time, no matter what happened. All because my parents had me
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