Basketball Knowledge Essay

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Knowledge Learned From Basketball "Not only is there more to life than basketball, there's a lot more to basketball than basketball", said by Coach Phil Jackson. Throughout my 19 years of living I have learned some very valuable knowledge. While school, media, family and friends have taught me much of this information, I’ve absorbed some of the most important life lessons from the sport of basketball. Growing up, my first toy was a basketball and hoop. From that day on, I have played basketball. It was my first sport and is still my favorite sport to this day. My knowledge from basketball has come from three different aspects; me playing basketball, me watching basketball, and me getting cut from my high school basketball team. Actually playing basketball probably presents the most obvious case of where and how I have obtained personal knowledge and development. I have spent many hours on basketball courts shooting, dribbling, and playing, whether by myself, with a friend, or with a whole team. I’ve learned from everyone, my dad, other players, and coaches. What exactly I’ve learned is hard to put into words. I’d call them qualities and lessons. These traits include leadership, perseverance, commitment, and most important team work. I love playing basketball and from playing on recreational teams as a kid, to middle school, to high school and beyond I have learned a lot about basketball and life. I have played all over the state of Washington from Kent, my hometown, to Seattle and Spokane. I have played with some of the best players in Washington. And through it all my interest of the game has only increased. Playing at Kentridge High School on the freshman and sophomore teams taught me how to work and play as a team, a viable skill to learn when you’re young so you can employ it later in your career and in your life. Kentridge is also where I learned
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