Significant Events in My Life

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The significant event that happened to me in my life that had a life-shaping effect to me was being physically abused, mentally abused and sexually abused by my boyfriend from the time I was sixteen until I was eighteen. I remember every moment of that part of my life, because the reality of the situation is so painful for me. I wish that I could not remember the pain, but at the same time I am glad that I can’t forget either as weird as that sounds. I don’t know why the events happened the way they did. All I know is that it is a situation I will never allow myself to be in ever again. Subjective well-being is defined as an individuals’ global judgments of their own life satisfaction. (Diener, Lucas, & Oishi, 2002) At that time of my life, my happiness was gone and my satisfaction with life was gone too. Being in a relationship with a person who is supposed to love you, but constantly puts you down and beats you if you don’t do everything he wants is not good for anyone’s well-being. I was constantly hoping someone would see the pain I was going through and stop the abuse, but that never happened. I was the one who had to stop it. It took me years to find out why I was the one who had to stop it. Someone’s personality is defined as an individual’s unique and relatively stable patterns of behavior, thoughts, and emotions. (Nelson & Miller, 1995; Zuckerman, 1995; Friedman & Schustack, 1999) In my case, my personality did change during that period of my life. I was always very happy and enjoyed being around other people. During the abuse, I became afraid of being around people I think mostly, because I was afraid someone might notice what was going on. I also was quieter and did not talk to people like I once did. I was depressed all the time and did not feel like doing a whole lot. Since the abuse started during my adolescence stage of development

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