Diary Entry In Shakespeare's Othello

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My written task will be in the form of several diary entries by the antagonist, Emilia from the play ‘Othello’ by William Shakespeare. The entries take place during the plot of the story and may contain reference to past and implied events that may have already/ will take place in the plot as I hope this will help to further solidify the linking between the entries and the story by relating the background and settings. Through diary entries, I hope to allow my character, Emilia to convey her thoughts, express her feelings and justify her actions in the story. To achieve this, I have used diary entry dates that correlate to the story and by allowing the entries to flow and resemble a thought-process, like how one would write a summed-up journal entry after a long day of events. In accordance to the story, I chose to write about Emilia and her diary entries, as she was a character that did not voice her thoughts out often. She would most probably find a more personal and private way to share her
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Iago was constantly persuading me to steal it from my Lady and I denied his request every single time but yesterday, opportunity presented itself and I did not think twice about taking it. I had hoped that by presenting the handkerchief, he would be kinder and more loving towards me and that night, I got what I wanted but the affection and love I received was a reward and not a gift. I observed Othello and my Lady together. His touches are sincere and gentle, his voice loving and sweet and they are not a reward, but a gift. My husband is not and will never be like that and because of this, I am regretting my thievery immediately for I fear that he will use the handkerchief to destroy the amorous bond my Lady and Othello has developed. I can only hope that whatever Iago has planned, will not harm the people I have come to care
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