Benedick Monologue Analysis

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Dear diary, I finally got my new job working for Leonato. I am so privileged to be working for the governor of Messina! It’s been great fun however I’ve overheard a couple of strange things. Don Pedro arrived back from war and came to town with his army. I met the Price of Arragon! What a special moment! However when Leonato found out that many men of high ranks lost their lives, he wasn’t his normal self and I could tell he was upset, but I don’t think he wanted to show it. However on the other side, Claudio received many honours for his courage during battle. Leonato’s niece called Beatrice asked the messenger if Benedick of Padua had returned and she found out that he had befriended Claudio! Beatrice then had a conversation with Benedick after interrupting his conversation with other men, but this conversation wasn’t a caring one, it was a conversation with insults and witty comments being thrown back and forth! In my opinion, I think they both like each other but don’t want to show it to the other person and so instead, they insult each other to show their love. Don Pedro then announced that Leonato kindly allowed them to stay for a month. I then overheard Claudio ask Benedick if he noticed Leonato’s daughter but in reply, Benedick made fun of Hero’s height and appearance which I don’t think he meant, but then again, Claudio…show more content…
Claudio was too scared to confront Hero and confess his feelings and so Don Pedro promised that he would speak to Leonato about setting them up. But this still scared Claudio and he can’t tell Hero he loves her so Don Pedro said he’ll organise something where he can pretend to be Claudio and fix them up and admit his feelings towards her as Claudio. Personally, I think it might be a bit strange to have the Prince chat up the girl that Claudio loves but as long as his love is returned, everything shall be

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