Oedipus Theme Essay

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The Coward Oedipus Is “A coward is much more exposed to quarrels than a man of spirit”. This quote by Thomas Jefferson portrays Oedipus because throughout ‘Oedipus Rex’ he quarrels with everybody about he truth and becomes blind to it. By blinding himself Oedipus becomes a coward because he doesn’t want to face his crimes. It all started when Oedipus hears a dreadful prophecy that he will murder his father and sleep with his mother. He leaves Corinth and travels to Thebes, and on the way he unknowingly kills his father during a quarrel. After saving Thebes from the Sphinx, he is given the hand of Queen Jocasta, his mother, for marriage and he becomes the new king of Thebes. One of the many reasons Oedipus is a coward is that he didn’t want to face his parent s again. His thought at the moment when he blinds himself is that if he killed himself he will see his real parents in the underworld, who he had committed those crimes against. Instead of repenting for his sins he escapes them. Plus he is worried about his daughter because he believes that they will have a horrible future because of him. (LINES 1318-1923) Also by acting in his weak behavior he is trying to avoid his fate again. He does this physically. Because he was blind to the prophecy, he blinds himself to remember everything he had done. His fate would have been execution, but by punishing himself, he makes other believe that he is punished. In addition to Oedipus avoiding his fate he is a coward in terms of his actions. He tells Creon to exile him far away because he is too afraid to deal with all that has happed. When he says “Drive me out of this country as quickly as may be to a place where no human voice can ever greet me.” (Ln. 1382-1383), he telling Creon to exile him so that he doesn’t have to talk to anyone. Oedipus did sinfully wrong crimes and instead of standing up for himself he
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