Consequences Of Blindness In Macbeth

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Final Macbeth Essay In Macbeth Shakespeare illustrates that life’s errors, errors of action or omission of action, are generally caused by each individual’s blindness. This blindness occurs when one assumes that others view the world, think and/or behave as one does oneself. However, such blindness can have dire consequences. Throughout the book Macbeth, both Macbeth and Lady Macbeth experience blindness and ignorance to different choices they have made. Through their ignorance, they become guilty and because of this they must face the consequences of their actions. They must face that they cannot run away from everything and that their blindness and ignorance will catch up to them, ending in consequences. Lady Macbeth experiences her blindness…show more content…
He is blind because he thinks that he is making the right choice when in reality he is leading himself into chaos. Getting into the middle of the book, Macbeth admits that he is having strange self-delusions. This is most likely his guilty conscience but he is blind to this and ignores it. He explains to lady Macbeth that it is merely just his lack of experience when it comes to crime, “...My strange and self-abuse is the initiate fear that wants hard use. We are yet but young in deed.” (III iv 174-175). He explains this to Lady Macbeth, assuring himself that things will get better. This demonstrates his blindness and ignorance towards the consequences of death. He finally realizes his blindness in act VIII, but not until it is too late. He understands that he was blind and made wrong decisions but at this point he is about to face his consequence of death. Before Macbeth is going to fight Macduff, he finally see’s this and should not fight because he will loose and pay the price for his blindness. He tells Macduff that he will not fight but Macduff thinks otherwise. “...That keep the word of promise to our ear, and break it to our hope. Ill not fight with thee. (V viii 22). Even though Macbeth realizes his blindness, he is still ignorant in accepting that he was wrong. But never the less, consequences still are taken to action, and Macbeth knows he cannot ignore
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