How Is Macbeth Greedy

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Shakespeare Essay Shakespeare’s Macbeth is about a man who lets his desire destroy him and others around him. His desire to gain power made him kill innocent people and believe the prophecies of the three witches. Macbeth doesn’t let anyone get on his way to get what he wants. As a result of being greedy to become king and gain power he is left with nothing and is murdered. In the beginning of the scenes Macbeth goes from noble, to guilt-ridden. He is pushed by his wife Lady Macbeth into killing king Duncan. His head is filled with thoughts of becoming king ,and that this little task is all that is needed for him to rule the throne and gain power. He knows that it is the wrong thing to do, yet the thought of becoming king overwhelms him…show more content…
He has lost the ability to sense right and wrong. He has become twisted and evil. Macbeth has got what he has worked for and promised. He becomes king by killing and is unwanted by the people. With all of his murders, it lead someone to become suspicious of him. Macbeth goes to the three witches and confronts them. They show him a vision that says he cannot be killed by any man, which gives him a false sense of security. In addition to this he then sends murderers to the castle of Macduff (who is in England ) to kill his family. Macbeth is unaware that Malcolm, Macduff and some Scottish English lords have agreed into killing him. Macbeth isn't really concerned about the prophecy. He insures that he cannot be killed by any man born of woman. He soon confronts Macduff, and learns that Macduff was ripped from his mother's side and not born naturally. Thus, all of the mistakes he made from the beginning and not seeing each one he was making, it leads him into death. Macbeth is a man blinded by his ambitions. Every step he took made people be suspicious of him and not want him as a king, for the way he was. He was unaware of death getting close to him. Due to this he payed the consequences by his head being slaughtered. Macbeth demonstrates that going over the limits is not good, because at the end they will pay the

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