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Just like anyone else Macbeth and Lady Macbeth were husband and wife. They had their ups and downs. Lady Macbeth was the frightening character. She was also the strong one who supported her husband Macbeth when he was unstable at times but she fails just like their marriage. Macbeth was nervous, and paranoid of the crime he committed. “Look like the innocent flower but be the serpent under’t” (1.5.65) Three witches tell Macbeth that he is in line of becoming king, thane of cawdor and thane of glamis. Duncan creates Macbeth thane of cawdor in thanks for winning the battle at forres. Macbeth writes to Lady Macbeth from the battle of forres and tells her what the witches said and she starts planning on killing king duncan, but doesn't say anything…show more content…
They wanted to blame the guards for the death of King Duncan. Lady Macbeth tells her husband that she can not kill him cause he reminds her of her daddy. She convinces him to kill King Duncan. The only reason Lady Macbeth wants him to kill King Duncan is so Macbeth can become King . Once King Duncan was killed Macbeth killed the guards because he was scared. There was no one to blame now for the death of King Duncan. He comes out the room with the dagger in his hand horrified by the crime that he had just committed. Lady Macbeth takes the dagger back and stabs King Duncan even more and leaves it laying beside him. Lord Macduff, thane of fife discovers the body of Duncan and alarms the village. When Malcolm and Donalbain hear of their fathers death they run because they think the killer is after them. The village thought it was the son's because no one knew why they ran away. At first Macbeth took the death of King Duncan hard. “Give me the daggers the sleeping and the dead are but as pictuers”…show more content…
2. A bloody child will appear and tell him that no one born of woman will harm him. 3. A scottish nobleman who opposed Macbeth's accession to the throne. He said that he saw the ghost of his dear friend Banquo, whom he killed, sitting at the table and he made a scene at the table with everyone around him so Lady Macbeth comes in and says he acts like this all the time you just have to excuse him. “My lord is often thus and hath been from his youth pray you, keep seat the fit is momentary” (3.4.52­54) Banquo suspects Macbeth of the murder. The servants start questioning Macbeth of the murder of King Duncan. When Lady Macbeth sees that her husband is in trouble she pretends to faint in front of everyone, so that the attention is on her, and not on her husband. Macbeth hires two guys to go murder Banquo and his son Fleance survives. Macbeth no longer needs Lady Macbeth’s strength he has gained his on. He does not inform her of the murder of Banquo. Lady Macbeth starts sleep walking and imagines the night of the murder and tries to remove the blood stains on her hand from the murder of King Duncan. She realizes that her becoming Queen is not a happiness to her anymore. She becomes weak and now has no control over Macbeth and

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