Hamlet Universal Play

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Hamlet is a universal play that changes throughout the acts. The characters change how they are from beginning to end. There is some random scenes and things that don’t seem like they fit but make the play complete. There is several points of dramatic irony in which the audience knows things that the actors do not. The main character Hamlet started off as a son of a powerful King which was then killed by his own brother. His father’s death made Hamlet start changing and wanting to be more violent and even thoughts of taking his own life. Ophelia changed from being just a normal daughter but after her father’s death, she went insane and crazy. Those were just some examples how people changed in Hamlet. This play is a tragedy so there will be deaths but these deaths are caused by the faults of others. Many different messages are hidden throughout the play but I think the overall messages is to not seek revenge or it will all come after you. Hamlet wanted to seek revenge for his father’s death and that caused Polonius’ death which Hamlet was mistaking him for Claudius who was his main target. Polonius’ death caused Ophelia to go mad and crazy and that led to her own death. Laertes and Claudius had a plan of revenge to go after Hamlet for causing Laertes’ father death. At the end of the play while Laertes and Hamlet were fencing, Gertrude drank the poison which was suppose to be for Hamlet because it was part of Laertes and Claudius’ plan. Laertes got stabbed by Hamlet with the poison sword and Hamlet got stabbed as well but made sure he killed Claudius before dying. At the end everyone ended up dying just because plans of revenge did not turn out like they wanted. Other people suffered because of other people’s faults and mistakes. A play like Hamlet is universal when it deals with issues that still go on today. Some of these issues are death, betrayal,
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