Character Flaws In William ShakespeareS Hamlet

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In both classic and modern literature, characters always seem to have character flaws. A character flaw is an imperfection in a character’s judgment or nature that ultimately brings sorrow and destruction. This concept can be displayed in more than one character, and is usually displayed in most of William Shakespeare’s plays. Hamlet by William Shakespeare has many characters that strongly demonstrate the principal that we are ultimately victims of our own character flaws. Three critical character in the play that completely display a character flaw are Hamlet with his over- thinking nature, Ophelia with her emotional weakness and Polonius with his absolute loyalty to the king. One of Hamlet’s most popular character flaws is that he over thinks matters of controversial value, and situations in which actions need to be taken. The most important part of the play, where Hamlet displays his flaw of over thinking matters, is when he is about to kill King Claudius. He ultimately does not go through with the plan, and says that he could not kill Claudius when he was in confessional because then Claudius would go to heaven, and that would not conclude in revenge. Hamlet also demonstrates his flaw when he says “That would be scanned,”(Shakespeare III.iii.76) which basically means that he wants think more about the situation at hand, before following it through. His nature to over-think matters is considered a tragic flaw, because his decision to put off the murder of Claudius, leads to the death of many characters in the play, including him. Not only does Hamlet miss his opportunity when he scum’s to his flaw, but he also displays another tragic flaw, which is to procrastinate. Ophelia’s character flaw that is displayed is her emotional weakness. Ultimately Ophelia’s flaw is the reason for her own death, which is what makes it so tragic. One can say that Ophelia is an

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