Frankenstein Self-Obsession Essay

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Throughout Frankenstein, a variety of human traits are consistent throughout the text, clearly indicating their impact on events throughout the story which help form and shape the plot. It can be argued that several of these carry a clear warning of how such behaviors may lead to the destruction of one’s life. One characteristic in particular is shared by the three main characters. The trait which is most detrimental and yet most prominent in the novel is self-obsession. The character with whom the story begins and ends, and yet is not found in the main plot, is Robert Walton. His personal goal is simple; he is on a journey to the North Pole. He will go to any lengths to achieve this, and his own personal glory and fame from this discovery is more important to him than his men or his own life. In his letters to his sister, he describes in great detail how he is deserving of some great accomplishment, how he can find no one to relate to, how nobody understands him. When conditions are such that it is extremely unlikely anyone on his voyage will survive, he refuses to turn back. This would have likely led to his destruction had he not met Frankenstein, and realised the folly of such pride. Frankenstein is the main character of the novel, and it is he who falls the lowest because of his self-obsession. When he is creating his monster he becomes so wrapped up that he fails to write to his family, and even fails to attend to his most basic needs such as sleep. And yet after all of his work, he is afraid of his creation. Because of this fear, he fails to assume his responsibility as the creator and abandons it. This is the first step of many which leads to the destruction of everything he cares about. He fails to prevent the death of his brother William, simply because he doesn’t wish to be thought a madman. His fiancé is murdered because he thinks the monster is
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