Pathetic Fallacy In Frankenstein Chapter 4

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Frankenstein is a story written by Mary Shelley in 1818. She wrote it when she was 17. Her pregnancy inspired her to write it because she was worried what her baby would be like. Shelly promotes her romantic ideals in the story because she loved nature and God. This novel was written during romantic times and because Mary Shelley was a romantic writer, and was in favour of nature and God. She makes references to nature and God e.g. life, sky, etc, to promote her romantic ideals. Although the monster is hideous it is still Shelley’s hero. Chapter 4 becomes extremely preoccupied with Victor’s obsession with galvanism; a belief which is thought to be that you can ‘infuse life, into inanimate body’. In this chapter the monster is made using…show more content…
In chapter 5 the birth of the “hideous fiend” is the sign that his life will change in a bad way. The monster’s ‘black lips and yellow skin’ ‘ugly’, so he rejects it. The weather is important as it informs us of the emotions and the mood of the characters and surroundings. Dull and dark weather reflects the dismal mood of the novel, the; ‘dreary night of November’. This is known as pathetic fallacy. The ‘chilly night and the black comfortless sky’ connote that something utterly dreadful may occur. Chapter 4 is used to warn the reader of the future events which are going to happen. Frankenstein says; ‘Darkness had no effect upon my fancy’. This tells us that he isn’t scared of darkness. He is very desperate to discover; “such astonishing a secret”. Perhaps Frankenstein wants too much knowledge, which leads to his downfall. Chapter 5 is the most significant chapter in the novel, as it is of much significance to the novel as a whole. From here everything changes and Frankenstein’s life goes bad because everybody he loves gets killed. The monster does this because he was neglected by his creator and got no love, so learned to be bad instead and wanted revenge because he didn’t want to be created in the first place, especially if he wasn’t going to be
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