Literary Analysis of Yo!

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A Literary Analysis of Julia Alvarez’s Novel ¡Yo! The character of Yolanda Garcia, also called as Yo, in Julia Alvarez’s novel has a lot of different facets to her. She can be analyzed either as a woman, or as a role model. Yo wrote a fictional novel that makes the characters out of the people who knows her and people she knows. As a result, those people found themselves a little expose and decided to tell their own side story about her. Thus, Yo is described from point of views of different narrators in each chapter creating a unique personality and character of her and providing the readers a unique insight about Yo, the protagonist. The author successfully created a protagonist “who never tells her own story yet one who comes to life vibrantly through the miscellany of impressions and observations that people make about her” (Shuman, “¡Yo!,” par. 2). In this novel, Julia Alvarez manages to capture and express the true feelings of women which deconstructs the stereotypes through Yo. Feminism is defined as “a political movement that works to achieve equal rights for women and men” (Hirsch 113). For the past ages, women were seen in the society as inferior to men and were greatly excluded from education and the right to property ownership. A British feminist named Mary Wollstonecraft argues, “educational restrictions keep women in a state of ignorance and slavish dependence” (Blake 117). The shattering of classifications and stereotypes, and the subversion of traditional gender roles, and the concept of sisterhood or unity among women are among the main tenets of feminist criticism. In the words of Catherine Besley, she mentioned that the cultural construction of subjectivity is one of the central issues for feminism (qtd. in Con Davis and Schleifer, 355). All women are feminists. However, it cannot be denied that women still experience the effects
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