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Olivia Gasmen Drama 101 Honor Amongst Thieves November 21, 2009 Olivia Gasmen Ms. Betty Burdick Drama 101 November 25, 2009 Honor Amongst Thieves Critique Last Saturday, I went to watch the play, Honor Amongst Thieves at the Leeward Community College Theater. Background sounds and music created the heated tension especially needed in the epic fights and overall action. I can relate to the turmoil and emptiness Captain John Blackheart went through with the loss of his beloved wife and how he used an alternative of piracy to distract himself from the emptiness inside. I went through a situation like that but not to that extent; I used other means to distract myself from my sadness but I still did not move on doing that. The play…show more content…
I could actually feel his pain and the emotions he went through made me nostalgic. Hadrian, his best friend and his deceased wife’s brother would tell him that she would want him to be happy no matter what. When Blackheart wanted the wine bottle to drink, the forest creature, instead, compared him to an empty wine bottle. The forest creature told him that he was like an empty wine bottle, emptiness in his life. Those two scenes caught my attention because in the past, I have been told those lines when I felt I had no purpose in life and just could not move on. I fell deeply in love, he was my first love but because of certain situations we had to break up. I just could not believe what happened to our love and resorted to cruising around the island many times and I actually did not care about school. I did some things I never thought I would do before. Close friends would tell me to move on but I was stuck in the past. But like Blackheart, I was able to move on and give love a second try when someone came into my life and helped cheer me up many times and made me so…show more content…
That was scene when James relinquishes his title as Capt. John Blackheart and asks Isabella to marry him. When Reb lifted his sword in joy of relinquishing the title of Capt. Blackheart, he had a big grin on his face and had big motions as he lifted the sword. Big motions and the grin showed he was truly happy in moving on and in ending his days of piracy. When he bent down on one knee to ask Isabella to marry him, he had a hint of nervousness in his voice as well as showing nervousness on his face. Those are the normal behaviors of someone asking their beloved to marry

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