Formal and Informal Experience

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Formal and Informal Experiences This paper discusses my formal and informal experiences of becoming a learner. I realized that there’s more to me than meets the eye. I never thought the past could have made such an impact on me today. In order for me to reach greatness, I need to learn how to reflect on my past and presence life, to challenge myself in every aspect of learning, to motivate myself in every class that I will take, and equally important, to know that success depends on me. I have given myself the chance to know me, as a learner, by writing this paper. Formal Educational Experiences I skipped preschool and went straight to kindergarten because my father found out that I was a year too old to attend preschool. I was the top student in class, but I had to repeat it because my mother wanted me to watch over my younger sister. In kindergarten, I learned the basics such as alphabets, simple words, numbers, additions, rhymes and so forth, but I also learned team work and being responsible of your own actions. From first to fourth grade, I was still the top student in my classes. I excelled in every subject and always enjoyed learning. I remembered being the first to wake up in my family because I looked forward going to school and hung out with my friends. Until one day, we moved further away from the elementary school I was attending, and my father decided that we were going to be transferred to a school that was closer to our new home. When my siblings and I arrived to the new school, my first impression was we were being punished because the new school looked a lot like prison. The buildings were cement gray and there were barely any grasses nor trees. I had an awful fifth grade experience because the students weren’t nice and there were no real structure when it came to learning new materials. But I was glad to find out later that I was only going

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