Why Students Fail

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Maria Hurtado Mrs. Frederking English 51 9/3/2014 Why capable students fail? There are so many questions people have towards why the dropout rate is so high. When struggling students need help some don’t know how to ask or even seek help. Researchers make studies about how it’s about students that come from poor class, and working class. In Paul Tough’s article “Who Gets to Graduate”, he states that the reason why students don’t succeed is because of their parent’s income. Paul Tough isn’t the only researcher that has studied this subject, you have Arthur L. Costa and Bena Kallick, Carol Dweck, and Hern Katie. According to Carol Dweck the writer to “Brainology”, students base their passing by different mindset (fixed or growth). Arthur L. Costa and Bena Kallick authors of “Learning and Leading with Habits of Mind”, explain different aspects in a person’s mind that basically motivates us to achieve great goals in life. Students should be trying to pass not giving up and there are teachers that are willing to help, all students need to do is ask. Students that fail or even drop out from college often give up because they don't immediately know the answer on how to solve a problem. In all my college class I have had classes that all the seats are full in the beginning of the school semester then one by one students start to drop out. Often in all of our classes we blurt out answers that comes to mind, and we don't give it more thought to the answer. Students that are willing to try; they can collect evidence to indicate their problem solving strategy is working. If one strategy doesn't work they can try another, or ask for help. Teachers can see where the student started to give up and give them opportunity to have a one on one time to solve new problems. For most of the dropout students are the ones that say they are listening, but are really not. According
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