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Why Do Students Misbehave Essay

  • Submitted by: stakere
  • on April 16, 2013
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Why Do Students Misbehave?
Based on information from Managing to Teach by Carol Cummings)

Glasser (1990) believes that after we meet our basic needs to survive and reproduce, the remaining important human needs are:
    • To belong
    • To be free
    • To have fun
    • To feel important

When their needs are not met through selecting positive behaviors, students resort to one of four forms of misbehavior to achieve their goal:
    • Seeking attention
    • Seeking power
    • Seeking revenge
    • Seeking to avoid repeated failure

1.   Attention Seekers
Some signs:
              • Pencil tapping
              • Humming / singing
              • Constant talking
              • Blurting out / interrupting

      Possible solutions:
        • The solution to this lies in the way you give attention to the student in other situations when he/she is not demonstrating attention-getting behaviors.
        • Look at how often you involve this student in learning.
        • Students who are actively participating in the lesson are less likely to seek attention in inappropriate ways.

2.   Power Seekers
Some signs:
            • These students make you question your own authority.
            • They must always have the last work
            • They’ll mutter something unintelligible to get you to take the bait and say, “What did you say?”
            • Even when they do follow your directions, they are likely to do so with a sullen expression and in a slow manner.
            • They are likely to say something like, “You can’t make me do it!”

      Possible solutions:
        • Don’t fall for their ploys!
        • Don’t let them control your reactions.
        • Remember this poem:
                When you’re mad, about to fight,
                Control your anger with all your might.
                Take deep breaths, count to ten,
                Before you try to talk again.
                If you can’t...

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