Should in-Vitro Fertilization Be Banned?

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High school is a transitional period of finding out who you are as an individual. It is a learning period for most teenagers who are not totally sure of their identity, and capabilities. They have visions and dreams of what they think the world should be, but are not aware of how daunting the task. It is a time when you are responsible enough to drive, but not constitutional old enough to vote. The advice I would give to someone starting high school is to be focused on their students, avoid peer pressure, and participate in extracurricular activities. To begin with, most high school students should set their priorities straight by focusing on their studies. They should strive to acquire all the knowledge and wisdom they need to achieve their goals in life. A student should work hard, do their best, and understand that they are building a foundation for their future life. When students have questions they should not be afraid to ask the teacher. For instance, some students might think or worry that their questions may sound somewhat silly, and their class will make fun of them. But this only shows that they have a desire to learn, knowledge is acquired by curiosity and it is more important to know than what others may think. Moreover, students should avoid procrastination by completing their homework and projects on time. They have to be proactive and take the initiative to cultivate these skills that will prove to be immensely rewarding later in life. Students need to avoid peer pressure, don’t get involved with the wrong crowd, and avoid relationships that will distract them from achieving their goals. Making friends is very essential for students, but they need to choose their friends wisely. Popularity is a huge thing these days in high school; it’s a difficult situation because as teenagers they want to follow the crowd. They crave

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